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Optimized Efficiency, Candidate Experience Reinvented.
Cleevi simplifies and humanizes recruitment. Offer a unique candidate experience, automate prequalification interviews, and optimize the integration of new hires.
Why We Stand Out
Strengthen Your Employer Brand
Offer your candidates a unique and personalized recruitment experience. Highlight the human aspect behind each job offer by allowing your managers to present their offers and needs in video. They can detail the tasks, required skills, and the challenges of the position, giving candidates a concrete and transparent overview of their future role within the team. Strengthen your employer brand by creating a direct and authentic connection with the talents that match you.
Save Time and Efficiency with AI
Optimize your time and resources with a simplified recruitment process. Offer asynchronous video prequalification interviews and automated reference checks to free your teams from repetitive tasks. Obtain detailed and synthetic reports on each candidate, highlighting their skills and suitability to your needs, while eliminating biases. Focus on the essential: interacting with the most promising talents and building a trustful relationship from the early stages of recruitment.
Successful Integration of New Hires
Facilitate the integration of new hires and maximize their success within your company. Our customized onboarding questionnaire allows you to gather advice from former managers, promoting smooth and productive integration.
Prequalification Interviews
Our AI-powered prequalification interview automation solution saves you time and improves the candidate experience. Generate customized questionnaires, receive asynchronous video responses, and access detailed summaries. Highlight your company and job offers with personalized presentation videos and strengthen your employer brand.
Reference Checks
Our innovative reference check solution frees you from tedious tasks and allows you to focus on the essential: evaluating candidates and building a strong relationship. With our intelligent questionnaire, obtain key information on each candidate's strengths and areas for improvement. Our AI summary provides an instant overview of the candidate-referee relationship, helping you make informed decisions. Save time, reduce biases, and recruit the best talents with Cleevi.
Personalized Onboarding
Our personalized onboarding solution strengthens the engagement of your new hires from the moment they sign. Create connections through videos and meetings, obtain valuable advice from their former managers, and offer continuous support with our interactive chatbot. Optimize integration, reduce turnover, and boost team performance. Cleevi, the guarantee of a successful onboarding and a lasting collaboration.
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